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e-Power Instruments office in Regina, Saskatchewan
e-Power Instruments office in Regina, Saskatchewan

e-Power Instruments

Distributors of quality electronics and world class leaders

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about e-Power Instruments.  Although some of you may not be familiar with the name, we can assure you that we have been in business in Saskatchewan since 1977. 
e-Power Instruments is a division of FARMTRONICS® - a company which has specialized in the sales and service of agricultural monitoring equipment.  Since the instrumentation in agriculture is similar to that found on highway tractors and heavy equipment, owners and operators started bringing their service problems to Farmtronics.  It was soon decided that a division dedicated to this industry was necessary to meet the growing demand.  From the beginning, we have had a service bay large enough to accommodate most equipment found on the highway today.  We have a trained technical staff who have many years of experience in both installations and repairs.  If you are having problems with a tachograph, Murphy shutdown system, fleet management or 

satellite communications system, an OEM dash, or wiring bring your unit to us for expert attention.  We are located in the Regina industrial area, just a short drive north of the Ring Road.  This location was chosen specifically due to its accessibility to the transport industry.
By expanding our product line to include well-known names in the industry such as Murphy, Air Weigh, VDO, Motometer, Kienzle, Isspro, Elcon, etc., we began publishing a catalogue complete with pricing focusing attention on engine protection.  Gradually we added a full line of electrical connectors, switches, relays, cables, wiring harnesses - items that exist on highway tractors and heavy-duty equipment.  One of the many comments made by customers who use our catalogue is that they like the fact that it includes prices and offers a variety of options, information generally not provided in product brochures and literature.  If you are unable to find what you're looking for in this catalogue, please call our courteous sales staff for assistance.
Please check out our agricultural division at farmtronics.com

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